Light + Building 2014

Light + Building



Do you have the right Communications STRATEGY to properly leverage your presence at the Frankfurt Light + Building Trade Show? Marketing Communications in Europe is not the same as in the US. Why?

Obviously Trade Shows are very expensive and labor intensive, tying up a lot of company resources and sales/marketing budgets. This is extra true for US companies trying to make their presence known at a trade show in Europe. You are far from home. Customs and protocols can be surprisingly different to what you are used to. PLUS, you may have little contact and access with the local media or relevant local trade press. And because you work from your US base, sales leads might not be the hottest. We can help.

On March 30, the Light & Building in Frankfurt kicks off. You are attending: And we will help you MAKE SURE that the high cost of your investment in this trade show pays off. Here’s how:

TARGETED COMMUNICATION – before, during and after a large trade show is one of the most important elements in leveraging sustainable success for your company, generating EU market presence, brand awareness and sales long after the show. We will help you

  • Formulate press releases before the show to make prospective customers aware through our extensive network of local media/ EU trade press contacts
  • Follow up to make sure the most important journalists report on your activities
  • Press event(s) at the exhibition with guaranteed attendance by the most influential journalists at your booth or branded venue
  • Negotiate Agreements with the trade media, whereby visitors are informed about your product offerings via 3rd party expert endorsements
  • Organize customer sales meetings
  • Help leverage existing and prospective customers for new local/EU sales initiatives

HOW? We are German/American marketing communications veterans, specializing in your industry:
Take advantage of our access to the key media and our contacts in the editorial offices.
We have a wide range of personal industry contacts, media leverage, plus an expertise developed through many years in the industry, handling multi-million dollar trades show operations.
Our long tenure as independent trade show communication and marketing consultants has similarly effected millions of dollars in sales for our clients.

Benefit from our know-how. Talk to us. We’d be happy to help.

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